Saturday, January 1, 2011

carring on

Live Cary's on and there has been a lot of that happening, a lot of very sick friends.  I made a few loafs of bread to cheer some up. A chocolate cake, 21 lb turkey, dressing and it was not my mamas! (that is a good thing) don't tell her! imitation rum fudge (a few lbs of that) more rolls,tortillas for wraps,ka-SA-de-ahs and taco chips.  Stain glass church windows  I think those were the easiest but made 12 logs!  have a big glass bowl put in 1 stick or 1/2 cut oleo, 1 pkg chocolate chips and put in the micro and nuke until melted 2 min. on the ole machine.  stir until fully melted dump in the pkg of colored marshmallows and stir.  NOW this is done a head of time put a sheet of tin foil down about 15 inches and on top of that a piece of wax paper.  now here is the frugal part one can divide this recipe into 2,3 or 4 logs.. so take the amount accordingly and dump on wax paper then fold up the two long ends and fold envelope style and tuck under the ends do the same with the tin foil and put in the frig  over night.  slice thin when you want to eat!  some people put coconut down before the dump but I don't like it so we omit that! Oh what else did I make? Turkey, turkey re-enactment my mom calls it.  Turkey sandwiches, turkey ka-sa-de-ahs, turkey soup, turkey chili and froze the rest unless i burn the whole crew out on turkey! venison in the slow cooker with buttery corn sticks and garlic bread was a good meal also. of course there was a can of spaghetti Os thrown in there with a pkg of cutup fried hot dogs. Egg sandwiches are a fast life saver when I am done with any cooking!  

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