Monday, December 6, 2010

all in a day

Bread is about gone! So now rolls; 2 dozen of them but also candy cane sugar cookies is on the menu.  I have learned from a 9 yr old that the new candy canes are red and green!  We made red and green ones...I can addapt!  Then on to well, lets back up frist, LOL see all in a day...  put a 4lb chicken in a roaster pan with carrots and taters, dab with butter and kosher salt add 1.5 cups H2o and put the lid one and cook 400 for about 2 hours ready for after church the for supper that night one can have chicken enchallada cassarole (see in the crockpot. Because I am so busy living with all the rest of the days going ons!   Tonight 2 appointments at 7pm... dinner is deer roast in the presure cooker mashed potatoes and canned green beans... My son is poetic tonight his poem starts with "Cream of Pencil"  But the best of all is when I get called into the kithen for tea time

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