Friday, December 10, 2010

one minute chocolate mug cake

l large coffee mug
4 T flour
4T sugar (maybe dibetic kind would work?)
2T baking cocoa (cheapest is at food 4 less)
1 egg (from the chicken outside)
3T milk (if you don't have any I use 1T powdered 3T h20)
3T oil
1/2 t vanilla (or your favoirte)
3T chocolate chips (here again I love the mint ones!)
    Add dry ingred. to mug
Pour the milk, oil, egg and vanilla mix in and mix WELL
Next put in the chips mix
put in microave for 1 minute for new ones more time for older ones (I have an older one I put it in for 1 1/2 minutes or 2 )
*** CHildren watch this...The cake will rise above the cup (COOL) don't be alarmed  Allow to cool a bit if you can wait
Tip out onto a plate if desired (good idea) EAT or share?

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